Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Online poker is a big industry with millions of people playing. There are huge tournaments every week and a wide variety of juicy games for recreational players and experts alike to enjoy. Unlike most other forms of online gambling, online poker has a far higher percentage of skill. This is unquestionable and is evidenced through the numbers of players that make a living from online poker. Many of these players playing professionally invested in poker coaching to get there. In this article, we’ll look at a few reasons why poker coaching is popular around the world.

The prizes are worth it

The online poker coaching scene is popular because people can see how great the prizes are. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing tournaments or cash games, there are coaches that are ready to help you reach your goals. They’ve developed strategies based on millions of hands of experience and will impart this wisdom to you for a fee.

Poker Coaches are flexible

Another reason why coaching is popular is due to the flexible nature of the job. Most poker coaches can take calls at unsociable hours or communicate by WhatsApp. This is awesome for regular full-time workers as it means they can get coaching after work or on weekends. Texas Hold’em Questions, a poker coaching UK website even offers a coaching by email service. This is just one of several forms they offer their students. It goes to show that flexibility goes a long way with customers.

Most students lose or break even anyway

Generally, those that seek out a coach are losing or might be breaking even. Therefore, investing in a coach is a small price to pay to improve. A coach is unlikely to be cheap (for good reason), an hour with them can save you hundreds of hours at the table if they spot a few leaks that can be solved. I imagine the vast majority of those getting coached were losers to start with.

They make students focus

Online poker is just a game for a lot of people, a game they lose at though. This changes when they begin paying for poker training. A poker coach makes their student focus and concentrate better. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to become a winner and that’s thanks to the coach. It doesn’t matter how one becomes a winner does it? As long as they win, the coach has done his job.

Gaining a friend

Online gaming can be lonely at times. Whilst the main reason to get a coach is to improve and win, it’s a pleasant by-product of coaching. Often a coach will become a friend of their student. They’ll stay in touch and perhaps even meet socially. This isn’t because they are charging them for their services anymore. There are countless stories of mentors staying close with their students and even railing them at WSOP, rooting them and hoping they win a WSOP bracelet.

By Becir