Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Blackjack is a somewhat uncomplicated game, you get a higher card count than the dealer and you win, the dealer busts and you’re within 21… you win.  Whilst all the best games in the world are simple, it’s still a good idea to understand the best starting hands so you can win more often than not!

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to understand the etiquette of playing Blackjack so here are some general rules that are not covered in many blackjack books!


The highest value of chips should always be at the bottom of the stack and remember to put your chips within the circle once the dealer has called all the bets to finish… do not throw in any more casino chips.

Card Handling

Do not touch your cards once they have been dealt under any circumstances. However, if the cards are face up you are allowed to touch one, but always leaving them above the table so the dealer can see them.

Players on the table

A large part of the fun with Blackjack is talking to other players around the table, but a golden rule is not to tell the other players how they should play (even after reading this fantastic guide). If they lose they might blame you!

Playing Behind

Sometimes if the blackjack table is full, you can choose to play behind another player. However, the player sitting at the table has 100% control of the game and you are simply betting on the outcome. This of course is a risky strategy if you do not know the player.

Additional the chips should not be placed in the circle this time, but directly below the circle therefore the dealer knows where everyone’s chips are so he can pay-out or take the chips depending on the bets result.

Leaving the Table

Ok times up, you are ready to leave and hopefully you are overflowing with casino chips. You should leave when the all bets are complete, even if your hand is over. Finally collect all your chips and put them in correct denomination for the croupier to collect.

If you don’t fancy mixing it with in the casinos, why not try it out online?  Don’t worry about the etiquette and concentrate on your starting hand even better some online casinos offer free spins before you sign up which you wouldn’t find in any brick and mortar casino.

By Becir