Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The question whether to play online or live doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Some people like to mix it up playing on both. However, if you are one of those that like to pick one and have that as your bread and butter, have no fear because we are going to highlights the advantages of both settings in this article.

Why Live Poker is Great

Playing in a casino is great because its more “real”. All the movies you saw didn’t have players at the laptops or PC did it? Live poker encompasses more of the people involved in the game.

Secondly, live poker is notoriously easier than online. The stakes you play in live games can be significantly higher before you reach similar levels of players online. Live games that are $1/$2 play like NL $25 online. This is not a joke; it’s widely attested that you can almost times your normal stakes by 10 to get similar level of play in casinos.

Finally, live poker affords you the opportunity to see your opponents face to face. IF you are attentive and watch them closely, you can pick up tells. These tells can help reveal the strength of their hand. This is not as easy to do online as you only have betting patterns and timing to go on.

Why Online Poker is Awesome

Online poker can be played all over the world, from an online casino Malaysia to a sports betting site in UK. The availability to players and the convenience is unrivalled by live poker where you need to physically go to the location.

Secondly, online poker affords players the chance to play more than one game at a time. Being able to multi table is a fantastic advantage, particularly if you are good at multi-tasking. You can improve your hourly win rate by finding the optimal number of tables. This is not possible in live casinos where you can only sit in 1 game.

Last but not least is the fact you can play online your phone. This innovation which extends to almost all major poker sites is invaluable. It means you can play from anywhere. You are not restricted to using WIFI either as most phone contracts these days have 4G allowances.

By Becir