Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Many people believe that poker is an easy game however this is not so, many inexperienced players also referred to as ‘rookies’ often get a touch of beginners luck but once this passes it becomes clear the game is a lot harder than the professionals make it look.

The rule of thumb is not to bet what you simply cannot afford to lose, now many people may say they cannot or do not want to lose anything so it’s a good idea to start off small especially when playing online. Free bankrolls are the answer for many new players in poker as it’s got less risk.

Many online poker sites will actually give you money to play as long as you sign up with them; simply! They will not require a deposit from you and although we are not talking big bucks to play with it is a great start as you can see how you get on with the game and weigh up the risk of putting your own money in.

You should play the free poker money wisely as if you do not you may lose it before you realise what actually happened therefore put small amounts of the money on and then build it up; this will allow you to gain a feel for the game and stands you in good stead if you wish to proceed with putting your own money into the game.

Remember to select the game you would like to play very wisely, start off with games which are a little more straight forward such as Texas Holdem and avoid more advanced games like Omaha as if you do not follow this rule you are sure to lose your money very quickly which is very disheartening.

By Becir