Why is Poker Coaching Popular?

Online poker is a big industry with millions of people playing. There are huge tournaments every week and a wide variety of juicy games for recreational players and experts alike to enjoy. Unlike most other forms of online gambling, online poker has a far higher percentage of skill. This is unquestionable and is evidenced through the numbers of players that make a living from online poker. Many of these players playing professionally invested in poker coaching to get there. In this article, we’ll look at a few reasons why poker coaching is popular around the world.

The prizes are worth it

The online poker coaching scene is popular because people can see how great the prizes are. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing tournaments or cash games, there are coaches that are ready to help you reach your goals. They’ve developed strategies based on millions of hands of experience and will impart this wisdom to you for a fee.

Build your online poker bankroll for free

Many people believe that poker is an easy game however this is not so, many inexperienced players also referred to as ‘rookies’ often get a touch of beginners luck but once this passes it becomes clear the game is a lot harder than the professionals make it look.

The rule of thumb is not to bet what you simply cannot afford to lose, now many people may say they cannot or do not want to lose anything so it’s a good idea to start off small especially when playing online. Free bankrolls are the answer for many new players in poker as it’s got less risk.

Many online poker sites will actually give you money to play as long as you sign up with them; simply! They will not require a deposit from you and although we are not talking big bucks to play with it is a great start as you can see how you get on with the game and weigh up the risk of putting your own money in.

Stop-And-Go Play Works In Online Poker

It seems to me that poker stop-and-go play — a term I first heard used by 2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer — works much better in online games than it does in cash game play at traditional, brick and mortar casinos.

But don’t ask me why. It just seems to work out that way. At least that’s been my experience. It might not be your experience, but in $15-$30 and $30-$60 online games, stop-and-go frequently works wonders.

I like to think of the stop-and-go play as analogous to a football play you see wide receivers run all the time. A wide receiver goes 10 yards upfield, and then flexes his inside shoulder as though he is going to button-hook back and catch a short pass.

The quarterback does his part too. First he fakes handing the ball off to a running back, which brings a safety up to defend against the run. Then he pump-fakes, just as the receiver dips his shoulder. But as soon as he does, the receiver turns back up field and heads toward the end zone. If the defensive back bites on the receiver’s initial move, the receiver will have a few steps on him, and that’s all it takes. If the quarterback delivers the ball accurately, and the receiver is sure-handed, it’s a touchdown — or at the very least, a long gain. Only a quick recovery on the part of the defensive back, or a safety who takes the proper angle, can run down the receiver before he reaches the end zone.

You can do that at the poker table too, as long as your opponent is a good enough player to get away from a hand when he suspects he’s beaten or he realizes the price to find out is just too high compared to his estimate of how often he’ll win a particular confrontation.

Want Fast Fun – Mobile Slot Games Are the Way to Go

They’re at virtually every casino but you might have ignored them until now; slots UK. No, they’re not the most glamorous but they really are one of the best games that you can play, for a wide variety of reasons. First and foremost, it’s not going to be about being the most strategic person in the room. That’s something left for the boardroom and for poker games. If you’re tired of both places taking over your life, there’s a remedy for that: slot games, of course!

But what about if you’re trying to get out of the house without really doing a lot of high cost stuff? We totally feel your pain there. it’s getting increasingly expensive to go out on the town with your mates, to the point where most of the time people just end up hitting the park or another public place where it doesn’t cost money just to be there. There’s nothing wrong with splurging every once in a while, but honestly? It’s better if you just let yourself explore your surroundings and keep more of your money in your pocket.

Parts of the Roulette Wheel

From the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo to the online tables of Betfair Casino, roulette is the game that just keeps giving, and perfectly exemplifies the casino lifestyle. A game of pure chance with a spinning wheel, a single ball and 36 numbers to choose from. But how well do you really know the wheel? It has numerous parts that we don’t necessarily think about but know that they exist – so how about we have a closer look at the wheel and see what we can find.

First things first, let’s have a look at the wheel itself and the numbers you have to choose from. There’s 1 all the way to 36 with a zero or two to split the wheel and give the house an edge. But what do the numbers add up to? If you add them all together you’ll find they equal 666! This is purely co-incidence, but the realisation has given the game a bad reputation in certain circles and led to the wide spread ban across Europe in the 18th and 19th century. And this ban would have a unique impact on how the roulette wheel evolved.