The World Cup 2018 is upon us: Tips on the best-betting markets to play

The wait is finally over. It’s just a couple of days now before the World Cup 2018 roars into life. As always, fans, pundits and punters are eagerly waiting for the first whistle in order to watch the best footballing stars. In all this fun, there is also an opportunity to make some money by engaging in sports betting. For those who are not knowledgeable in football betting, below are some of the common betting markets explained in detail that will help you as you start your sports betting adventure. You can place your bets at several sportsbooks online including

3-Way Betting

One of the common football betting markets is the 3-Way betting market. In this market, you have two options to choose from. The first option is to choose the team that is going to win regardless of the scoreline between the home team and the away team. The second option you have is to go for a draw i.e. predict the match is going to end in a draw whether scoreless or score draw. Because all you have is to pick the team that’s going to win, this is one of the most played football betting markets and it also works wonders money wise as it carries favourable odds especially when playing on an accumulator ticket (ticket with many matches) rather than betting on a single game.

How much is the UK gambling industry worth?

When it comes to the UK gambling industry, the last couple of years have been remarkably positive. With a financial crash and great uncertainty around Brexit, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the industry had completely crumpled and fallen into itself. But it’s not the case! Bookmakers have been steadily increasing profits and the online casino scene has exploded into life with stratospheric growth that’s both helped the industry grow and may prove essential in keeping companies afloat in light of recent developments.

Skill or Luck? Picking a casino game that best suits you

Millions of us now have an account with an online gambling site – but that’s hardly surprising, considering there’s never been a more rewarding time to be an online casino player.

Not only is the quality of today’s casino games more impressive than ever before, but the quantity of titles at sites like bgo casino is enough to blow your mind. Indeed, sign up and you’ll be spoilt for choice; you’ll find multiple variations of classic table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino hold ‘em, as well as hundreds and hundreds of online slot games of every imaginable genre.

The Grand National 2018 is upon us once more!

It’s finally here! After a long year of waiting, and an electric Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National 2018 is upon us once more. Grab your suit, your dress or your hat and head to the races! The national is without a doubt one of, if not the biggest racing weekend in the sports calendar, with over a hundred and fifty thousand people turning up to watch the race in person and over a whopping half a billion people watching it televised across the world. That’s 5 times the entire Japanese population!

We’ve got this awesome quiz to test your knowledge on some of the most famous national winners in history. There’s some nice easy ones in there, alongside a few wildcards that only the biggest of horse racing fans could possibly know. Take it, share it with your friends, and most importantly, let us know how you got on! Good luck readers!

Most Profitable Starting Hands and Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack is a somewhat uncomplicated game, you get a higher card count than the dealer and you win, the dealer busts and you’re within 21… you win.  Whilst all the best games in the world are simple, it’s still a good idea to understand the best starting hands so you can win more often than not!

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to understand the etiquette of playing Blackjack so here are some general rules that are not covered in many blackjack books!


The highest value of chips should always be at the bottom of the stack and remember to put your chips within the circle once the dealer has called all the bets to finish… do not throw in any more casino chips.